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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy -

The process of KAP treatment will start with a medical and psychological intake to make sure that ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is safe for you. After you are cleared to participate in KAP you will then have preparation sessions to prepare you for the ketamine experience. You will set intentions for your experience, learn how to navigate the ketamine space, and learn how to get the most benefit out of your ketamine session. After you have completed your ketamine session you will have integration sessions, which will help you apply the insights you learned into new patterns of thinking and behaving that increase your overall wellness. Every patient will have an individualized treatment plan that is customized and specific to their unique needs and goals. For more information on KAP check out the Resources or FAQ tabs.

Psychedelic Integration -

Psychedelic Integration is designed to support people who want to increase the benefits of their psychedelic experience by processing, exploring, and implementing insights and challenges that were discovered during their psychedelic journey. The integration process is a major part of what leads to personal transformation and new ways of thinking, behaving, and relating to others. We will create a unique and individualized integration plan for you that will help you gain long term benefits from your psychedelic experience. Increasing education and safety around psychedelics is a key component of the integration process. I take a harm-reduction approach to psychedelic integration and do not supply people with psychedelics. Please do not ask where to find psychedelic substances.

Individual Psychotherapy -

Using cognitive-behavior therapy you will learn to increase your awareness and attention to patterns of thinking and behaving that are causing you problems in your life. By developing helpful skills to change your thinking and behaviors you can learn to have a more relaxed, creative, and flexible mind. Different skills that can be learned are progressive muscle relaxation, cognitive reframing, social skills, problem solving skills, and mindfulness based exercises to become more present in the moment and quiet down your anxious thoughts.

I provide individual psychotherapy for chemical addictions, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, and general problems in your daily life that are causing you distress.

Fees -

  • Medical and psychological intake | $250 + $150
  • Preparation session | $100-$150 one hour
  • Lozenge KAP session | $200-$300 two hours
  • Lozenge KAP session | $300-$450 three hours
  • Integration session | $100-$150 one hour
  • Individual Psychotherapy | $100-$150 one hour
*offerings can be combined -- please contact Eric for details*
**If cost is preventing you from seeking services, please contact Eric to discuss potential options.**
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